Tuesday, September 25, 2012

My Most Favorite Piece EVER!

This past weekend was the Ogden Dunes community yard sale! (I LOVE community sales.) It was a bit chilly starting out so I think that deterred a few potential customers, but not us! Okay unnecessary babbling put aside..I found my favorite piece to date! I was strolling down the road toward the yard sale and there it was..I actually called dibs on it before we even got up to the sale. 
This chest had tons of character, lots of storage, great price, and a story. 
So lets start out by saying the price tag was $20. SOLD!!11!  You can't touch that price on a trunk or chest anywhere. So I tell the lady I'll take it, and that I just love it. She tells me she does too..uh oh, emotional attachment. She begins telling me the supposed story of this chest. It belonged to her great grandparents. They lived in England and were coming to America on a boat. Well they had a daughter named Ellen, who had a boyfriend in England that she did not want to leave behind. She chose to stay in England with him to her father's dismay. He was so angry with her that he took all her belongings in this chest and left her behind with nothing. And that is the story of how it got to the United States. It had been passed down since, and the lady selling it had planned to give it to her daughter as well. Lucky for me, the daughter does not want anything to do with it. She must be crazy. I was totally sold before the story, but now my heart wrenches just a bit, because she says she might cry when the piece goes! I can't help but offer to not buy it, she obviously is attached to it. But then her crazy daughter (she was actually very sweet and sane) came out and assured me that it was fine. Alright, I better get this thing out of here! I think the lady really might of shed a tear or two, but I let her know that I would take good care of it and wouldn't forget the story.
So there you have it, I hope you enjoyed it! I tried digging a little information on the name, and there was definitely a few Ellen Corps' that lived in England. My only question is why there is a period after the CORP. It seems odd that they would put one there. If you have any idea about that, please leave it in the comments. Thanks!

Here is a few more pictures of the chest including a before and after a good clean up, and also a couple of other favorite items I scored!

Only bummer is it is missing the original hardware except the handles. There was a lock hinge on the front that is missing and the original hinges for the top door have been replaced. Still fabulous none the less.

Couple other favs..old globe for $1 and cute plant stand $8!

Thanks for reading!

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